speaking of sal

Life, people and observations from Sal.

Have I gone mad?

I’m afraid so. You’re entirely BONKERS. But I’ll tell you a secret...

all the best people are.
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Formative years:


I owe everything I am and will become to my family, my friends and the learning experiences that I'm provided every day.

I grew up in Ohio, Dayton and Columbus mostly. My childhood was exceptional thanks to my parents, Chuck and Cindy and the family that surrounded me. I have a younger brother, Matt, for whom I would do anything.

My crowning elementary school achievement was getting great grades with "talks too much with her neighbors" in the comments' section. I also remember not earning enough stickers to rollerblade outside for an afternoon with my classmates. I stayed in while the three "neighbors" that sat around me skated their asses off.

Middle school was awkward, I attribute my sense of humor and my straight teeth to it. I had giant crushes on boys and an endless amount of fun with my to-this-day best friends. 

I have always been an active, mediocre athlete, but highly enjoy playing sports. I ran track and played volleyball in high school where I refined my ruthless competitive nature.

At The Ohio State University, I proudly supported the Buckeyes and the economy on the weekends and found myself in one of the greatest niche communities ever - club rowing. 

After college I spent time trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I'm still deciding. Along that path I have found myself as a sales person, a rowing coach, a public employee and a bartender.

This life of mine has been fun and interesting, so I thought I would write about the observations that seem to get cooked up in my brain.

Thanks for reading.